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Feel better, happier, healthier faster

Are you stuck in feeling:
*frustrated  *overwhelmed  *worried  *confused  *sad  *alone  *disconnected + + ?

Want a change?

I guide & support people through change.

I can empower you to set your true self free so you can change your experiences and relationships and

create the life you desire.


Susan Livermore-Costa (eMom)

Change your perspective => Change your life

People who work with me gain new awareness of their situations and start to see themselves and their life in a new way. 

They learn effective tools for change that supports their overall well-being and automatically improves their life experiences and relationships.

They learn how to feel better, happier and healthier faster so they can live their best lives now.


I believe in You!


I believe you are the most amazing and powerful being on the planet. 



You are human. 

You have a choice.

You can change.

You are powerful!

*Learn what it really means to be human. 

*Discover your power of choice. 

*Uncover any hidden choices 

that are creating life experiences you no longer want.

*Learn simple tools to empower you to change the choices and experiences that no longer serve you.

*Set your true self free and start to move through your feelings, experiences and life more easily, smoothly and joyfully. 

*You're worth it!*

My unique teachings and simple tools will

empower you to change anything you want in your life.

*You'll be amazed!*

We are both human and in this together!

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