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I am an advocate for all humans 

I believe in the human race and their power to change.

It's my life mission to empower people by helping them move from autopilot -> to conscious choice.

So they can feel more comfortable in their own skin, on purpose!

 I can relate,
 I am Human too... 
 (just like you)

I know life can be like a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs.

What if it's supposed to be that way?  BURH

What if you are here to experience it all?  

It's just a matter of how you flow through the ups and downs.

  • I have moved through the delights (ups) and challenges (downs) of being human as a:  conflicted self, grateful sister, average daughter, anxious child, confused student, silly friend, beloved wife, frustrated & joyful mother, deeply sad widow, overwhelmed single mom, playful single woman, committed wife (again), uncertain divorcee, dedicated employee, excited business owner and overwhelmed & delighted creator. 

  • I know the journey.  Sometimes life can be hard, but it can become easier when you start to understand how we humans work and how to flow through it.

  • I have learned concepts and simple tools along the way.

  • I have created an interesting story and analogy to easily understand how our complex experiences work and have created easy to apply power tools to get back into balance more quickly.

  • I wish I would have known this when I was a kid! That's why I am passionate about sharing what I know with you. 

  • I can teach you these new perspectives so you can 'see' things in a different way.

  • I can teach you powerful tools to help you master how to flow through the ups and downs so you are prepared for any human life experience so you can smooth out your life's rollercoaster more easily​.

I believe you are the most amazing and powerful being on the planet#BURH

I am a Mentor#BURH

I am here to help you because 

I am Human too...

(just like you) and...

We are in this together!

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