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Insights#BURH = a new way of 'seeing' things. Check Out My Back Story:

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


One day I decided I wanted to do something new with my life. Something that felt more meaningful to me that would allow me to help others. I sat back and started to wonder...I've always been curious and interested about the diversity among 'we humans' and our behavior. So I asked for a new way of understanding WHO we really are, HOW we really work and WHY we are really here.~~you know...those small questions about life~~I love that stuff :). Then I opened my mind to a new way of thinking about our human experiences and story. And over time, ideas and images dropped into my mind and I started to 'see' this concept that gave some answers to those big questions. Something I thought would take 3 months has taken me 5 years to actualize :0, but it was worth it! After much organizing and reorganizing of this information and images, including all of the trials and tribulations of creating something out of nothing, my deep desire helped me persevere and solidify it into form. YES!


I have organized this new concept that explains what it really means to be human (BURH) and have put it into 'small packages' and am excited to share them with you through these Insights#BURH and other forms. It's my life work. My desire is to help you 'see' yourself and others in a new way by sharing this wisdom about Who YOU really are, How YOU really work and Why YOU are really here on this planet, Earth, "we humans" call home.

WHY would I do that?

So YOU can become EMPOWERED to CREATE the human LIFE you have come here to create, ON PURPOSE.

I hope these are helpful to those who are curious and interested in understanding themselves and others in a different way.

My life mission is to have all humans ultimately realize how AMAZING and POWERFUL they really are....just the way I 'see' them. ;)


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