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Is#2: Grief#BURH

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Grief#BURH 😔

A friend just posted this as she walks through the ‘full human experience’ of physically losing her mother.

Here are my thoughts, reframing grief (a new perspective on grief):

GRIEF is the ‘flip side’ of LOVE —it’s the opposite of…and result of…the deep LOVE you felt when your loved one was physically here.

Sometimes it’s tough to be human 💔, but it’s worth the love experienced💞, isn’t it?

The ‘full human experience’ is in the details…and allowing yourself to really feel those feelings is how ‘we human’ work.

“Things“ remind your brain and heart of the person who is no longer physically here ->

That creates deep feelings, human feelings. Please allow yourself to ‘really feel’ them.

These people don’t REALLY go away. They are right here with us, in the memories held in our head, heart and soul.

I'm sending compassion to you if you’re walking the human journey of grief right now

💞 💕 💔 ❤️‍🩹

It is natural to feel grief, but If you feel stuck in it and grief has become a pattern for you and you want help. Please reach out by scheduling a session on my website. I can help you move through this natural human experience and on to living more of your life.

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