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GtKU Q#1: Do you LIKE to plant new things in your space? HOW does that make you FEEL?#BecauseURHuman BURH

Updated: Jun 10

I💗planting new things in the yard. 🌱It makes me feel soo happy inside. 😁💗

🌱This is a healthy purple iris I got from Dianne, my pickleball friend. I can't wait to see it flower next Spring.

Thanks Dianne for helping me feel happy today. 😊💗

Isn’t it amazing you can actually feel ‘happy’ (or whatever feeling you get) inside of your human body just because someone shared something with you#BURH?

This is my 1st Getting to Know U {GtKU} Question:

Do you LIKE to PLANT new THINGS in your space? Y/N. HOW does that make you FEEL #BecauseURHuman BURH 😁🙂🤨

Please respond in the comment.

I'm starting to post Getting to Know U Questions {GtKU Q}

Because I want to Get to Know U {GtKU},


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