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Is#22: ToFeelJealousOrProud#BURH

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Someone asked me this question:

"How would you feel if your husband said he admires another woman?"

I shared this empowering information with her and thought you might find it helpful too.

[click here for video version-> ]


BecauseURHuman (BURH) you get to CHOOSE how you FEEL about what others say.

Here's how this works:

Your feeling (F) comes from what you are thinking (T), so if your husband says "I admire that woman" you get to choose what to think about that statement which creates how you feel about what your husband says.

Here are 2 choices (there are many). You could choose to think:

1) "He likes that woman more than he likes me"-> that thought would probably lead to feeling JEALOUS.

-OR- You could choose thought option #2

2) "He sees the good in people and admires others."-> which would probably lead to feeling PROUD of your husband.

Say each sentence right now so you can 'feel' the difference.

Did you feel the difference between each thought and the feeling it created?

Pretty amazing right?

If you have a concern and want to go deeper, ask him WHY he said that, and you'll get to know your husband better.

Here's a bonus tip: your feeling prompts you to act a certain way…

Think about the difference in how you would act and show up, depending if you are feeling jealous or proud.

Something tells me you would show up more like 'yourself' when feeling proud of your husband. :)

I'm curious...

"How would YOU CHOOSE to FEEL if your husband/wife/partner said he/she/they admire another woman/man?"

If you want, share your thought-> and the feeling it would create in the comments.

I believe you are the most amazing and powerful being on the planet, BURH with a choice on how to feel about what others say. eMom ❤️

If you’d like more help managing how you feel about what others say, book a time to connect. It would an honor to empower you by teaching you how to create your feelings, on purpose.

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