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Is#28: MentalHealthMonth: An Entrepreneur: 5 ways to Build Resilience

Updated: May 17

I volunteer at SCORE, a part of the US Small Business Administration.  It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and Christie, a columnist there, asked me to give some INSIGHT and TIPS about the challenges of being an entrepreneur in her article "5 ways to Build Resilience"

First let's step back and reframe who an entrepreneur really is:  someone passionately in pursuit of fulfilling their life purpose. 🌟💖💪

What if BecauseURHuman you have a one of a kind LIFE PURPOSE and a one of a kind PERSONALITY to help you fulfill that purpose?  

And that fulfilling that life purpose is a JOURNEY of learning, experiencing and gaining skills.  

It takes time, effort and perseverance. ⌚💪

Being an entrepreneur is no simple task, but if you are aligned with your purpose a passion will bubble up inside of you to give you the juice to keep going on the weaving path in pursuit of making it real in our world.  💖🌟

You've got this! 

The world wants to see what you have to offer. 🌟

I am sharing the article with you because I think you will find this information helpful to make this JOURNEY a bit LIGHTER. It can be applied to both your work and personal life.

Here are a few of my tips from the article.  A link to the full article is below.  Enjoy.

How to SET TIME BOUNDARIES between your work & your personal life.

“Susan's tip:  At the beginning of each week, decide how much time you will allocate to work and your personal life.  Write down why you allocate "x" amount of time to your work and "x" to your personal life.  She encourages you to share your plan with others so they know what to expect from you this week.  Susan also suggests setting an alarm for when to stop work and start your personal life to help you stick to your plan.

"Remind yourself why you spend that time in each area of your life.  It will give you a reason to stick to your plan.  You get to choose where you spend your time to create the balance you want in your life.  If you do this consistently, you will feel better about your time at work and in your personal life and become empowered to be more in control of where you spend your time.  You will begin to trust yourself more.  Your overall life will become more enjoyable," she adds.

Quick MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL PRACTICES to stay in check throughout your day. 

“Susan shared a few quick ideas.  For your mental health, you could simply take 1 minute before your lunch, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think, 'My mind is open and relaxed.'   For your emotional health, you could give yourself a smile and intentionally feel happy for a full minute after you complete each task throughout your day.  For your physical health, you could do ten jumping jacks, take a walk, or stretch for 5 minutes after lunch," she explains.

The key is to make it easy and fun so that nurturing your overall well-being becomes an automatic routine in your life.

🤝REMINDER:  YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, there is always someone available to help when things get challenging, including me.

"Remember, you do not have to be in this alone.  Many people want to help you, but it is up to you to take the first step by reaching out.  You can choose a coach or mentor to help you ebb and flow through your daily life more smoothly or a therapist who can help you dig a little deeper to resolve deeper issues.  Reaching out and asking for help can get you through the tough times in life.  Just expressing what's happening in your life and how you are feeling often releases some of the tension."

"Two heads are often better than one.  Asking for help allows you to get another perspective on things, come up with new ideas, and learn some new tools to help you feel better and move through your day more easily," explains Susan. "Many people want to help you; that's why they do what they do; you just need to reach out and ask for it so you can stop spinning on your own and start to move on with your life in a more pleasurable way."


"Resilience comes from getting grounded in your purpose or WHY you are doing what you are doing.  Remembering your purpose and "why" will give you the 'juice' and energy to keep moving towards your goals," Susan adds.

"Remember, it takes time and energy to create what you really want in life.  Consider writing your 'why' on a sticky note and put it on your computer so you can read it each day to motivate you to keep going! 

You've got this!"🌟

Because I care,

eMom 💖



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