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Is#4: MindOverMatter#BURH (BecauseURHuman)

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

What does Mind Over Matter really mean?

(understanding yourself in a new way so you can become empowered)


Have you ever Thought about doing something -> then actually Did It?


This is How You Work #BURH

It’s that simple.


Here's an example:

(the story) I went out for pizza with my fabulous family last week. We all walked into this quaint pizzeria and the smells were so intense that my mouth started to water. I like pizza! I was so excited I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I had a huge excited smile on my face. We ordered and when the pizza was served I began to eat it. I savored all the tasty flavors of this scrumptious pizza. I sat back and thought “how amazing to be able to enjoy this delicious and tasty pizza with my fabulous family”.

(peel back the story to the energy) Here’s what was really happening behind the scene: The smell of pizza came in through my nose and hit my brain-> it created a ThoughtI like pizza”-> that lead to a Feeling of excitement->that prompted me to order then Actually physically eat the pizza = Powerful!

That’s Mind over Matter in a nutshell.

It's my version of the fundamental truth about how ‘we humans’ work.

You co-create your human experiences!

You are Amazing!

What if, BURH an experience is just energy flowing through you as a Thought-> Feeling-> Action so you can co-create Something out of Nothing using your human brain?

Something ~Eating pizza

out of

Nothing ~a Thought about Eating it

You are Powerful!


If you are feeling powerless in a current situation, I can help you take your power back so you can be in control of your life. Book a time to connect now->


❤️©Susan’s Soul Source Creations

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